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Literal flaming piece of shit John Green, everybody.



if you support that movie or his book, you are being influenced by ableism if you aren’t already ableist yourself.

"living with disabilities (but not defined by them)"

what the fuck john. the book is literally about how hazel is dying of terminal illness. what the fuck.


Did you read your own book

I think he just means making disabled characters actual complete people without constantly referring to their disability. That’s how I read this tweet. Hazel and Augustus have cancer but that’s not what they are. It’s part of their lives but it isn’t their life.
movies have a tendency to take characters and define them by only one trait. Be it race, sexuality, gender, a disability, etc. I think that’s what he was saying.

Yes but saying this is insulted to disabled people and people with cancer and is gross?? I’ve yelled at you about your ableism before why are you still following me

I’m sorry. I guess I don’t understand. I follow you because I agree with what you post. Apparently last time you didn’t get my retraction/explanation for my comment about the ucsb shooting. I guess this is another misunderstanding. I take full responsibility for my ignorance. I’m not very well acquainted with how to discuss disability. Maybe you could explain it to me? I’m still learning and I’d appreciate it.

There are plenty of blogs out there already dedicated to that. Don’t ask me to explain that’s lazy af. You have google. You have tumblr search. If you can’t do that just unfollow me.

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    SJWs want disabled people to be defined solely by their disabilities. Claim “ableism” when instead they see characters...
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    Is this sentence is too complex for sjw minds to comprehend? Other comment: SJWs are upset precisely because they define...
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    I see no goddamn problem with John Green’s tweet. I refuse to read the book or watch the movie simply because I know...
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    Think that hits the nail on the head tbh.
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    Tumblr has its fair share of professional victims sadly, there is no winning them over, don’t even bother. John Green’s...
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    John Green isn’t offensive, neither is his book. It’s nice to see multidimensional characters with depth, characters you...
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    If you don’t mind I’d rather present counterperspectives. It’s not as easy for the average person to learn that disabled...
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