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What the hell kind of internalized antisemitism is this? Palestine needs to be free, but bringing Anne Frank into this is gross.

Self hating Jews are not anti-Zionist Jews

Self hating Jews are Jews that throw other Jews under the bus like this

Love yourself


Casting: Disney Casts Adorable Newcomer Neel Sethi as Mowgli in ‘Jungle Book!’ 

I’m super excited about this but, like, cautiously excited. Disney’s been on this kick of reimagining their classic animated tales for live action and I haven’t liked a single one of them. I felt 2010’s Alice in Wonderland was nonsensical and over-saturated with special effects and and the only positive thing about this year’s Maleficent was Angelina Jolie. But this movie has a lot of interesting players involved. We’ve already got Idris Elba as Shere Khan and Lupita Nyong’o as Mowgli’s wolf mother and Jon Faverau is directing, so I’m keeping my eye on it. 

Here’s the synopsis:

An orphan boy is raised in the Jungle with the help of a pack of wolves, a bear and a black panther.

The Jungle Book is written by Justin Marks and is directed by Jon Faverau. It stars Neel Sethi, Idris Elba, Ben Kingsley, Lupita Nyong’o and Scarlett Johansson. In theaters October 9. 2015.

  • Gay and Lesbian Monosexuals: "Rumors that this person had different gender attraction as well as same gender attraction were created to make them seem straight."
  • Gay and Lesbian Monosexuals: "If you headcanon this character as bi instead of gay you're forcing heterosexuality on them."
  • Gay and Lesbian Monosexuals: (calls past mixed gender relationships of a bi person "straight relationships")
  • Gay and Lesbian Monosexuals: "As much as we'd like to let bisexuals into our community, when the going gets tough they'll probably align themselves with heteros to save their skins."
  • Gay and Lesbian Monosexuals: "So you're only half queer?"
  • Gay and Lesbian Monosexuals: (assumes all bi women date men and all bi men date women)
  • Gay and Lesbian Monosexuals: "Bisexuals will never know what it's like to experience real bigotry the way we do."
  • Gay and Lesbian Monosexuals: "I'd rather have a straight ally represent me than a bi person, at least good allies acknowledge their privilege."
  • Gay and Lesbian Monosexuals: "You have a preference for different gender people? So you're actually hetero then?"
  • Gay and Lesbian Monosexuals: (assumes all bi people date straight people)
  • Gay and Lesbian Monosexuals: "Why would you need 'bi pride,' gay pride already celebrates same gender attraction, isn't that enough? Do you really need to celebrate your heterosexual side too?"
  • Gay and Lesbian Monosexuals: "You need to acknowlege your straight passing privelege."
  • Gay and Lesbian Monosexuals: (bi person breaks up with them) "So it turns out they were hetero all along."
  • Bi Person: ...
  • Bi Person: "Sometimes Monosex-"
  • Gay and Lesbian Monosexuals: "Excuse me? Did you just lump US in with STRAIGHT PEOPLE? Do you realize how much it hurts to be put in the same category as your OPPRESSOR? Why are you obsessed with proving that you're QUEERER THAN US? If you don't issue us an APOLOGY and then NEVER use that word again it will prove that bi people are the most HOMOPHOBIC people in the world!"


'biphobia is important and needs to be talked about too' gays and lesbians say

'well tbh gays and lesbians are perpetuating some biphobic ideas themselves. can we discuss ways we can fix that together?' I respond

'you're not being intersectional' they cry, storming off


my hobbies include being right and petting other peoples cats


Guys, The Goy is talking to me. What does this mean? What do I do?

congrats you have reached peak Zionist

Idk send him the whole Megillah


im not crying there’s just overpriced college education in my eye


none binary with left girl


I thought halfway through this book I would just hate how it kept going, but it just got really really better.


Suicide, drugs (specifically marijuana, anti-depressants, and heroin) depression, therapy, sexual abuse (shortly mentioned), anxiety, poverty/financial troubles, food,…

Nia is the only character I’ve ever encountered like me and I just hated it which makes this book so hard to read



"why are Jewish people so spread around the world"

Expulsions of Jews in Europe from 1100 to 1600

The sad thing is that this is not even a full list of European expulsions. Many times, Jews were expelled from an individual town, but allowed to stay within the country, such as what happened in Mainz in 1012 and Bern in 1294. Other times, they were not even expelled by official decree but rather run out of town by marauding Gentile mobs, as happened during the Rhineland Pogroms of 1095-96 and many, many times since.

This map also does not include expulsions that occurred outside of Europe other than the Tunis expulsion.


so far the trajectory of t-swifts career has involved her getting meaner and meaner to men and nice and nicer to girls and i really want that to continue for the rest of time


I keep hearing people on the teevee rant about “forced diversity” and “PC fascism” and it makes me wonder how these alternate-universe broadcasts are reaching me here in this world where John Constantine has to be straight and pharaohs are being played by squinty Australian white guys.

#and by goyim

Yes important thanks Lenny

thecistroyer asked: I once had a goy tell me "did you know that the holes in matzo represent where the nails pierced jesus's hands and feet?"





Oh hey I’ve heard this too



thecistroyer asked: I once had a goy tell me "did you know that the holes in matzo represent where the nails pierced jesus's hands and feet?"



Oh hey I’ve heard this too